3rd and 4th August

Raw Movement CrossFit Tannum Sands, 8 Enterprise Street, Boyne Island


Tannum Sands Main Beach

Same Sex Partners CrossFit Competition

Two Days

Seven Workouts

$500 Lucky Entry Prize

Loads of Fun

Three Registration Options:

Competition Only $150/ Team

Competition and Shirt $180/ Team

Competition and two Shirts $200/ Team

Swag example

T-Shirt or Muscle Option

Beachside Mixer 2019 Logo

We are really pumped about the programming once again this year, we will share most of it with you as the event gets closer so you can plan your outfits, secret best friends hand shakes and post workout nutrition.

Day 1 on Saturday, will be 4 scored events at our gym. Day 2 on Sunday, will be 3 scored events - the first 2 at the beach and the final back at the gym. Our last Event may include opportunities to attempt some more difficult movements and is designed to be a bit of a separator.


Everyone gets to do the final, and once again in tradition, we will be giving away $500 cash as a lucky entry prize, you can choose to split it with your partner or keep it for yourself. You’ll need to stick around for presentations if you want to be eligible to win. 


Which category should we sign up for?

This year, we are offering RX and Scaled Category Options.

BUT we have also incorporated a two tier scaling option for the "Scaled" Category. Only teams in the Scaled category can chose Tier 2; if you are RX you are in it for the entire comp ya big weapons!

Tier 2 scaling will act as the Beginners option; you can choose Tier 1 or Tier 2 scaling with each workout. We hope that this allows a bit more flexibility to challenge yourself if you are feeling up to it, or to scale down a little and still get a cracking workout in if needed.

In terms of scoring, if a team chooses to do a workout with Tier 2 scaling, any opposing team in Scaled that chose Tier 1 will be ranked ahead of them (Like in the open).

Are you under 20 or over 35? You can choose to enter in the Teens or Master Categories or not; the scaling and movements will be the same for RX and Scaled Categories across all age groups. 

The following movements list isn’t comprehensive and should be used as a guideline only;




Teens & Masters


Run, Row, Double Under, Assault Bike, 50m-ish Swim, Kayak


C2B Pull Up

Kipping HSPU (Shared Event)

Box Jump 24/20



Strict Pull Up

Opportunity to attempt some more difficult Movements


Deadlift 100/70

Clean 70/45

Snatch 50/35

Wall Ball 10/6

Thruster 42.5 /30

OHS 50/35

Dumbbell Movement 22.5/15

S2OH 60/40

SDHP 40/30

No Tier Options



 Teens & Masters


Run, Row, Single Under, Assault Bike, Short Swim (shared)

Gymnastics - Tier 1

Pull Up

Kipping HSPU, 5 inch elevated (Shared Event)

Box Jump 24/20

Hanging Knee Raise


Strict Pull Up

Weightlifting - Tier 1

Deadlift 70/45

Clean 62.5/40

Snatch 42.5/30

Wall Ball 10/6

Thruster 35/25

Dumbbell Movement 22.5/15

S2OH 42.5/30

SDHP 35/25

Gymnastics - Tier 2

Jumping Pull Up

Hand Release Push Up

Step Ups

Hanging Knee Raise

Burpee, stepovers allowed

Strict Press

Weightlifting - Tier 2

Deadlift 50/35

Clean 35/25

Power Snatch 20/15

Wall Ball 6/4

Thruster 20/15

Dumbbell Movement 15/10

SDHP 20/15

Registrations OPEN

Interested in Volunteering instead?

We are going to need a small army of ninjas to help things run smoothly for this years Mixer.

There are plenty of jobs to go around, one of the more important jobs on the day is to help judging. We will have a head judge getting around in each heat, but volunteers will be called upon to count reps for our athletes on the day. If you aren't super confident with it, the only way to get better is practice, we recommend taking the CrossFit online judges course (get a buddy and take it together if you like).


We will do our best to take care of the volunteers during the comp in any way we can and everyone will be assigned suitable jobs as the day gets close. For now if you want to sign up, we just need your availability and t shirt size (we told you we'll try and take care of you) and a promise that you will bring all the good vibes you can find on game day. 

Click Below to fill in the rego form

8 Enterprise Street, Boyne Island Qld 4680


E. admin@crossfittannumsands.com.au

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