Beginners Bundle

Personalised, tailored one on one sessions with a coach to equip you for our group sessions 
You've had your Free Intro; now we show you how the magic happens

With 3x 45 minute sessions our premium Beginners Bundle will help you, whether you are going from the couch to CrossFit or an experienced trainer, your coach will meet you where you are at and tailor each session to get you closer to our group sessions, where the magic happens!


Here’s what you can expect,

Day 1 – “What is CrossFit?”  We are going to give you the basic run down on what we do, why we do it and why it’s going to work so well for you, its your first chance to ask questions but certainly not the last. We are then going to  kick things off by working on a few body weight movements such as air squats,  push ups, sit ups and pull ups. The goal here is to show you how we scale a workout and make it just right for you. After that we will do a short baseline workout, this will become a benchmark or a measuring stick for your progress and we will do it again at our 90 day check in. 

Day 2 – Picking things up safely, moving loads, putting things overhead. Barbells, dumbells, kettlebells can seem a little scary to the uninitiated, but they are some of our most valuable tools in making you a more resilient and capable human. We will introduce you to the barbell nice and slowly, the heaviest you will start with is a broom stick. This is our chance to show you what we mean when we talk about Mechanics, Consistency and then Intensity. You will practice with light loads, build your confidence and then if we are feeling strong and safe, we will incorporate it into your second CrossFit workout.


Day 3- Customized Coaching

In this session, its all about you, by now you will have seen some classes going on, maybe you have started to youtube some CrossFit Videos or you have been checking out our instagram. We will take the opportunity in day 3 to find the movements you are most excited to learn and show you how best to individualise them for your workout. We want you feeling safe, confident and fired up to move in to our group sessions. The goal of our beginners bundle is not to teach you everything, its just to show you how we teach and learn some more about you.

You are about to meet 100 new friends, learn a whole lot of CrossFit Lingo and get in the best shape of your life, we are super excited for you and day 3 is all about showing you that you are ready!