CrossFit Kids, Preteens and Teens 

Forging the Future of Fitness

CrossFit Kids is the complete CrossFit program, geared and designed for children and teenagers and the specific developmental needs of those age groups.  Our program is broad, general, and inclusive. Healthy living requires that our kids push,

pull, run, throw, climb, lift, and jump, effectively and safely regardless of whether or not they play specialised sports. They will learn to do all these things with a focus on good movement mechanics 

















Kids Training Fees

Training Fees are paid per term and are due by the second week of Term.

There are no classes on Public Holidays. Term Fees are adjusted accordingly. 

  • Crossfit Kids/Preteens/Teens 1 session per week - $110*

  • CrossFit Kids/Preteens/Teens 2 sessions per week - $220*

*Based on 10 week term


20% discount for Adult Members' children.

Fees can be paid by cash, eftpos, bank transfer or self pay with Credit Card.

A casual rate of $15/session is accepted for special circumstances.


Head Coach - Reede McHugh 0432878964

Coach - Tiffany Glen


Can my child try a class to see if he/she likes it?
Yes. Follow the link below to the Calendar and pick a day that suits

Can I start part way through a Term?
If there are vacancies available, Kids can start part way through the term. Pro-rata fees will be applied.

What if my child is between age groups with a birthday during term, which class should they go in?
Key factors in Kids having a life-long love of activity are friendship, fun and a feeling of competence. Speak with our Coaches, as to which group both they and you think best suits your child. Our classes can adjust the challenges to suit each child so that he or she will continue to develop.

How Do I book in a Free Trial?

Click on the FREE TRIAL button, scroll through the calendar to find that Session Day and Time, selection that session and follow the prompts.

How Do I Register for a membership?

Choose a Free Trial Class to come along to and we will organise the best Membership to suit your Child and availability.

Or email us directly


CrossFit Kids 

The kids class is built on a foundation of fun. The skills addressed will include the majority of CrossFit's foundational movements as well as some sports specific style training. The goal of the CrossFit Kids program is to develop and improve general physical fitness in order to prepare kids to be safe in sports and life.

  • Ages 5 - 8years

  • Wednesday 330pm

  • 30 min class

CrossFit PreTeens

Pre-teens class is the perfect bridge between the "Fun" of the CrossFit Kids class and the intensity of the CrossFit Teens class. Light loads are introduced and the workouts are more performance based with the goal of preparing athletes for sport and the next level of CrossFit. This age grouping provides a setting that allows our athletes to thrive.

  • Ages 9 - 12years

  • Monday and Wednesday 400pm

  • 45 min class

CrossFit Teens

Our Teens program has one major goal in mind, PERFORMANCE. We aim to teach your teenager how to be more explosive and powerful in any athletic endeavour they choose. The programming is contantly varied meaning they are less likely to succumb to overuse injuries that can plague training routines in year round sports.

  • Ages 13 - 18years

  • Tuesday and Thursday 4pm

  • 45 min class